Disappointing Blue

I would like to rave about all the ridiculously low casted overpowered spells that wizards have in store for us in Return to Ravnica but it is very disappointing to a blue mage since the start of the spoiler season.

After all the uncounterable spells, which I read in Mark Rosewater’s twitter, will be a rare cycle of 5, they now present us with a subpar counterspell.

Yes, sure it counters and exiles the card it counters but paying XU? “X”! in a blue spell? Really?! Ok…
Unless they present us a really good blue card in the coming days, the blue mage in me will never be happy. The only real blue spell that got me excited is the Izzet charm. I think I should start looking at other colors, say GREEN.


On the side note, at the very last of the article today at wizards:

Zac draws a fifth land, hurries his Hellkite onto the battlefield and into the red zone and drops me to 13 or so. Now empty-handed, he resignedly plusses his Liliana.

“No cards?” I ask.

He fans his hands, daring me to do my worst.

I show him a card he hasn’t seen played yet, an Azorius instant that isn’t obviously worth playing, but in this situation, thoroughly devastating. He rolls his eyes in mock, mock frustration.

“Bounce your dragon. Ready to discard?”

His Hellkite hits the bin as my second Smiter hits the battlefield. I finish off his Liliana and make quick work of the game.

I hope that Azorious instant is good. 


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